Christopher Kovacs - Fine Art
April 17, 2024   10:38 am NL Time

New addition “Bird of Prey” to portfolio of originals

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New addition “Bird of Prey” to portfolio of originals


I’ve added a digital photo of a painting entitled “Bird of Prey.” It’s not a new painting, but a larger work of mine that I’ve been asked several times to display on the website. Because it is a photo shot through the glass, there is some artifact due to the glass and some loss of detail.

I’ve also replaced several scans of paintings with digital photos where the original scans showed significantly less than the full paintings. These include the paintings of Jasper, Colt, Dunrobin Castle, Stalker Castle, and Frolicking Loons. Now most or all of these paintings are present in the images. All photos were shot through the glass, and thus each photo is not quite as crisp as in the original scans, and there is some loss of detail and colour. Nevertheless, I think the new photos are more representative of the original paintings.

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