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July 13, 2024   6:17 am NL Time

As They Were Painted

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I’m often asked how it is that I paint the way I do. That’s an impossible question to answer without demonstrating the process in person and describing what is being done at each stage. And that would likely be a boring or tedious experience because any one painting can take 20 to 40 hours to complete depending upon size and complexity. But in this section I hope to partially answer the question by showing photos of paintings that were taken from very early stages and sequentially up to the finished work, and by providing some commentary that describes what was done at each stage and why. All of the images shown here were shot at an oblique angle because I generally work with parchment firmly taped to a drafting table and not removed from it until the painting has been completed and dried. Click on each thumbnail image to reach a page showing all of the in-progress thumbnail images for that painting.

My Turn?

Standin' on the Dock

Hawaiian Snorkel


Lonita, Waiting


Newfoundland Breach

Fiddle About

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