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May 21, 2024   11:07 pm NL Time

Fiddle About

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Fiddle About


Status of Original Painting – Private Collection

Size: 9 x 11 inches

Medium: Watercolour on 300 lb d’Arches

This is the second in my planned series of paintings featuring the place and the music that is Newfoundland. What could be more rustic than a fiddler in front of a barn in the town of New Harbour?

I’d mentioned that this series is not meant to be portraits of the musicians, but instead portraits of the instruments in a recognizable Newfoundland setting of some sort. I’m making up the rules, and I will bend them as needed. I don’t really like doing portraits, and I hadn’t done any in well, a very, very long time. But I realized I was setting myself up for a problem because certain instruments, like the fiddle, are impossible to depict without showing the face of the person. Thus, here is my first portrait since university days and I’m told by a reliable authority that I did a very good job at capturing the likeness herein.

I am indebted again to the team of Woodrows, in this case Janine who coordinated, her father Richard who played and modeled again, and her mother Marie who took a fascinating set of photos that I was able to choose from.

The title is NOT meant to reference Pete Townshend, The Who, or the rock opera Tommy. Besides, that song was written by John Entwistle. If I had wanted to allude to Pete Townshend or The Who, I would have used the quite fitting runner-up title “Baba O’Riley.”

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