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April 17, 2024   8:55 am NL Time

Two Worlds

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Two Worlds


Status of Original Painting – Sold at Charity Auction

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Size: 15 x 20  inches

Price: $ 1,500

Medium: Watercolour on 300 lb Arches


If I said this depicts the mountains in Gros Morne National Park, I wonder how many people would believe me?

But no, I can’t pretend this is in Newfoundland. For the second painting in a row, the reference photo for this lush scene comes from New Zealand, which I visited in August 2018. My daughter Caileigh wanted me to do snow-capped mountains rather than the mirrored lake shown in the “Into Middle Earth” painting that I did last, and so I charged ahead with another. She’s much happier with this one.

“Two Worlds” captures how those pastel snow-capped mountains are distant, unreal, and lovely, framed by rich greenery in the foreground. It’s rather like viewing a full moon between the trees or through a telescope, and realizing how different and far it is.

I took the reference photo off the Milford Sound Highway, at a place called The Chasm Walk. We walked through dense forest and across bridges that spanned dramatic waterfalls. I noticed that in one area I could glimpse the mountains through the trees, and I captured a scene I knew I’d have to paint. I believe the distant mountain is Sheerdown Peak, which rises 1,878 metres above sea level.

Thanks to Lisa Dawe for suggesting the title for this painting.


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