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May 21, 2024   11:29 pm NL Time

Sax on George

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Sax on George


Status of Original Painting – Private Collection

Size: 10.5 x 9 inches

Medium: Watercolour on 300 lb d’Arches

This is the third in the series on Newfoundland music. A saxophone, you say? Is that a Newfoundland instrument? It is when the setting is the world-reknowned George Street with its legendary collection of bars, pubs and music halls. And it is when your daughter says it is – and yes, that’s my daughter who is depicted in this painting.

On a Friday night, the music on George Street can loudly include folk, rock, jazz and country as the bars compete with each other. That loud juxtaposition is depicted in this painting too, with jazz music in the foreground, and rock music implied in the background. There are a few other juxtapositions herein to round out the theme of the painting.

For this painting it was a family effort all the way. My daughter, who posed with wild abandon for quite a few shots, not knowing what it was her dad was looking for. My son, who encouraged his sister, and also posed with his musical instrument (he will appear later in another painting I have yet to do). And my wife Susan, who refined and improved the idea that I had, and found the costumes that brought the idea to life. The photoshoot was comparatively quick and easy…turning it into a painting was something else altogether.

Reproductions of this painting have been made in the following formats:

Limited Edition Giclée

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Size: 12 x 10 inches

Signed Limited Quantity: 300
Signed Limited Price: $140


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