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June 25, 2024   12:36 pm NL Time

Precariously Poised

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Precariously Poised


Status of Original Painting – Sold

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Size: 12.38 x 20  inches

Price: $1,000

Medium: Watercolour on 300 lb Arches


Here is a view of the Battery, off to one side of the the Narrows, which is the entrance to the harbour of St. John’s, Newfoundland. I called this one “Precariously Poised” because the houses do seem to be precariously clinging to the cliff face, subject to lashing winds and heavy waves during the Atlantic storms that batter the coast. One small building at the bottom centre has indeed collapsed.

I’ve previously painted this side of the Narrows in “The Battery” and “Newfoundland Breach.” The opposite side of the Narrows can be seen in my paintings “Lighthouse at Fort Amherst” and “Narrows Below.” Up above the Battery is Signal Hill with Cabot Tower, the site where Marconi received received the first transAtlantic wireless signal in 1901. I’ve painted that twice before in “Cabot Tower” and “Storm Signal.”

This was a tedious one to paint due to all the tiny houses and other details. I had to take it one house at a time, and I did all but the two in the lower centre before working  on the trees and rocks. I took the reference photo in the fall of 2020.

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