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July 13, 2024   7:59 am NL Time

On the Rock

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On the Rock


Status of Original Painting – Sold at Auction

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Size: 10 x 15.5 inches

Auction Price: $1000

Medium: Watercolour on 300 lb d’Arches

These water-and-weather-beaten rocks may look somewhat abstract or surrealistic, but those are their true colours of black, blue, gray, red and purple with strong accents of orange. In the background can be seen the Lighthouse on North Head (built in 1885) which guards the northern entrance to Brigus Harbour on Conception Bay. The title may seem mundane but it has several meanings — the rocks in the painting, the lichen on the rocks, Newfoundland itself (which is often affectionately referred to as “The Rock”), and the rugby team (“The Rock”) for which this painting was auctioned in support.

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