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July 13, 2024   6:47 am NL Time

Glacial Lake

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Glacial Lake


Status of Original Painting – For Sale

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Size: 15 x 20  inches

Price: Inquire

Medium: Watercolour on 300 lb Arches


This is a view of the spectacular Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. It was created by glaciers and is continually fed by glacial melt. Particles in the run-off from the mountains reflect green and  blue wavelengths of light, which cause the lake’s characteristic turquoise waters. The lake is long and rectangular, with the Rocky Mountains on the far end and the Chateau Lake Louise on the near end. A typical view is from near end, looking at a foreshortened view of the lake enwrapped by the distant bowl of mountains. If the waters are still, the mountains are reflected as if in a mirror. On the far side of the distant mountain peaks, the province of British Columbia begins.

In the view depicted here, I had hiked about two-thirds of the length along the shoreline. This was in May with the lake partly frozen. You can see the white ice gathering in patterns in the center. The waters remain cold even in summer, and so you are unlikely to see swimmers, although you will see people in canoes and kayaks.

I’d previously done other paintings of mountain scenes in Alberta. “Rest Stop” features the nearby Peyto Lake, which also has striking turquoise glacial waters. A much older painting is simply titled “Lake in Jasper” because I couldn’t recall the name of the lake when I did that one – but maybe I’ll figure it out someday when I next return there.

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