Christopher Kovacs - Fine Art
June 25, 2024   12:38 pm NL Time

Fog-loom, Phase 3

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Fog-loom, Phase 3


Phase: 3

Date: August 25, 2006

At this point, the most distant, fogged-out ships and buildings in the background have been completed and the two larger ships are being worked on. To achieve the fogged-out aspect, the remote ships and buildings were painted wet and indistinctly. Once dry, a wash of cerulean blue mixed with grey was painted over the ships and buildings, thus blurring it out even more and layering it behind the fog. The two ships were then painted more distinctly and brightly, but after this step each would receive a wash of cerulean blue over top to blur both out somewhat. Cerulean blue is an opaque watercolour which enables it to be used in this way.

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