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July 13, 2024   6:34 am NL Time

Party in PEI: Green Gables stamps released!

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Party in PEI: Green Gables stamps released!


This morning I was in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, at the ancestral home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, to attend the unveiling ceremony for the two stamps honouring Anne of Green Gables. It was a very fun ceremony, and I got to meet artist Ben Stahl (who did the Anne painting), various descendants of Lucy Maud Montgomery (Hi, Kate!), and numerous dignitaries from Canada Post, the provincial ministries, and the Japanese embassy. Special thanks to Geneviève Latour of Canada Post for putting this ceremony together.

After the ceremony I was approached by many people who asked me (and Ben) to sign their first day covers, souvenir sheets, postcards, etc. Later in the afternoon and miles away, I was chased down by other attendees (Anne paparazzi!) who wanted more things signed. At the post office in Cavendish, I signed all of the first day covers they had in stock which show the Green Gables House on the envelope (as in the attached image). So if anyone wants to buy a signed first day cover, I suppose they should call or go to the post office in Cavendish before they’re sold out.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I remembered to get my own first day covers double-signed by Ben and me.

And for those who asked me what a first day cover is, the attached image should give you an idea. There’s a fictional cancel on it for Avonlea, PEI as well as the real cancel for Cavendish, PEI. And in addition to the first day covers, what’s available includes postcards, souvenir sheets, stamp booklets, etc. Not to mention the stamps from Japan Post, which I have not yet received but will soon!

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