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June 25, 2024   1:56 pm NL Time

Revised title: “Punts at Rest”

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Revised title: “Punts at Rest”


I hadn’t anticipated that I’d created the equivalent of a punchline contest, but I received a couple of dozen good suggestions for a new title for the piece that I originally called “Tied up at the Dock.” Plus quite a few silly ones. Having learned that the type of boat depicted is called a “punt,” and taking into consideration the suggestions that this piece depicts a mood of calmness/serenity/end of day, I’ve decided to rename it “Punts at Rest.” Hopefully no one will now tell me that these aren’t punts, because that would ruin a perfectly good title. Rowboat is too blasé a term, and these definitely aren’t dories. Punts they are, and they are at rest.

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