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September 25, 2020   11:02 pm NL Time

Current News

New painting “Harbour Lens”

This new painting depicts a colorful scene in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland.

“Before or After the Storm”

This new painting features an approaching storm in Antigua, and may be a metaphor for the pandemic and its effects on our lives.

“A Bull in the Bay”

The new painting “A Bull in the Bay” features a humpback whale with the Bay Bulls Lighthouse in the background.

New painting “Lupine View”

I’ve taken a break from painting international scenes and return to Newfoundland for this colorful and pretty scene of lupins framing a reflected wharf in Holyrood.

“Shinto Shrine” is the newest painting

My latest painting “Shinto Shrine” brings us to Japan on this theme of international locations that I’m painting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Pondering Panda” at the Beijing Zoo!

My newest painting, in the current theme of international scenes during the COVID-19 pandemic, features a pair of giant pandas at the Beijing Zoo.

“Austrian Palace” is from The Sound of Music…or is it?

I’m still doing international scenes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the current stop is in Salzburg, Austria, for a painting of a palace famously associated with the movie The Sound of Music.

“Plundered Castle” is the latest international painting

Urquhart Castle in Scotland is the setting of my latest painting, one of a series during the COVID-19 lockdown, which celebrates international scenes that I’ve visited .

New painting “Worshipping Poseidon”

This new painting is another international scene, the Temple of Poseidon, located atop a cliff about 60 km from Athens, Greece.

Two of the twelve apostles in “Australian Apostles”

My latest painting celebrates Australia by depicting the Twelve Apostles, an impressive and gorgeous collection of limestone sea stacks on the Great Ocean Road outside Melbourne.
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