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January 23, 2021   6:56 am NL Time

Current News

New painting “Quiet Solitude”

The first painting of 2021 features a humpback whale diving in front of the rocky Newfoundland coast. In other news, my painting “A Bull in the Bay,” which also shows a humpback whale, will be in a charity auction later this month to support Newfoundland Rugby.

New painting “Autumn Fog”

My latest painting features a foggy scene and brilliant autumn colours in the trees, on Island Pond in Newfoundland.

Cape Spear lighthouse “Lighting the Way”

My new painting features the oldest lighthouse in Newfoundland at Cape Spear, which is itself the easternmost point of North America.

New painting “A Dutch Wind” plus a memoir about my mentor, William Wegman

I’ve done another painting in the theme of celebrating international places during the pandemic. This one is based in the Netherlands, and that prompted me to write a lengthy reminiscence about William Wegman, the Dutch artist whom I tried under.

New painting “Rest in Pieces”

In contrast to the last painting “Harbour Lens,” this one features an old boat that is out to pasture and seeing its last days.

New painting “Harbour Lens”

This new painting depicts a colorful scene in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland.

“Before or After the Storm”

This new painting features an approaching storm in Antigua, and may be a metaphor for the pandemic and its effects on our lives.

“A Bull in the Bay”

The new painting “A Bull in the Bay” features a humpback whale with the Bay Bulls Lighthouse in the background.

New painting “Lupine View”

I’ve taken a break from painting international scenes and return to Newfoundland for this colorful and pretty scene of lupins framing a reflected wharf in Holyrood.

“Shinto Shrine” is the newest painting

My latest painting “Shinto Shrine” brings us to Japan on this theme of international locations that I’m painting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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