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March 5, 2021   3:22 pm NL Time

Archived News

New painting “One of the Buoys,” plus auction results

The newest painting depicts a scene off an oceanside beach in Bermuda. I’m also pleased to announce that an earlier painting, “Windswept Silver,” fetched $1,000 in an auction on January 26th to support Newfoundland Rugby.

New painting “Swan Lake”

The latest painting shows a lovely pair of swans against the wild patterns in the water.

New painting “Reflected Wharf”

Much less busy than some of my other seascapes, this painting depicts simply a wharf and its reflection.

New painting “Ka napoo ana o”

The title of this painting means sunset in Hawaiian.

New painting “Coloured Water”

This new painting depicts colorful boats in the harbour of Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

New painting “Salvage”

“Salvage” depicts one of the oldest communities in North America, continuously populated since the time that it was founded by the Beothuks.

New painting “Fiddler on the Rock”

Back in 2005, I started a series of paintings on the theme of Newfoundland music. After a gap, this is the fifth in the series, a new painting titled “Fiddler on the Rock.”

New painting “Koala”

I’ve finished a new painting “Koala,” which is, as the title would suggest, a painting of a lovely koala bear in Brisbane, Australia.

New painting “Farilham” added to website

“Farilham” is a harbor scene in Ferryland, Newfoundland, which complements the recent painting of the iceberg from the same location.

Limited edition giclée of “Triumvirate”

I’ve released a new limited edition print of “Triumvirate,” which depicts the tripe-headed iceberg in Ferryland. This is a giclée limited to 300 copies, and it is available through my distributor at this link.
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