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March 5, 2021   3:06 pm NL Time

Archived News

New painting Hibbs Cove and paintings donated

This new painting depicts Hibbs Cove on the Port de Grave Peninsula in Newfoundland. In other news, two black and white portraits that I painted, Feeling Life and Nourishing Life, have been donated to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, and will soon be displayed in their

Lightning over Cape Bona Vista in “Silent Sentinel”

This new painting shows a fierce lightning storm over Cape Bona Vista Lighthouse.

New painting “Slipway”

The newest painting features aging boats on a slipway in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

New painting “Two Worlds”

This new painting of snow-covered mountains glimpsed through trees is another scene from New Zealand, near Milford Sound.

New painting “Into Middle-Earth”

My newest painting is the first in what will probably be a series featuring scenes of New Zealand…I have over 1,000 photos to work from.

New painting “Amid the Stacks”

My new painting depicts a dramatic moment amid towering sea stacks.

New painting “Tilting”

The latest painting, finished today, is “Tilting.” It depicts a scene from the small community with that name on Fogo Island in Newfoundland.

New painting “Sunset in the Old Garden” and upcoming auction

My newest painting is a scene from the small town of Point Lance, titled “Sunset in the Old Garden.” Also in the news is that my painting Coloured Water will be  in the annual charity auction to support Newfoundland Rugby on Friday, January 25, at the Delta Hotel in St.

New painting “Ancient Wonders”

A bucket-list item was crossed off with a trip to Cairo earlier this month, and the painting that resulted is “Ancient Wonders.”

New painting “Little Emma”

The newest work is a commissioned painting titled “Little Emma,” which features a fishing boat framed by a beautiful sunset and the wharf at Coley’s Point South.
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