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March 5, 2021   4:08 pm NL Time

Archived News

New painting “Fogbound Fleet at Branch”

Completed a new painting today of some fishing vessels on a typical foggy day in the community of Branch, which is near Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. (Now updated with a digital photo showing the entire painting, as opposed to the original scan.)

Short-listed for award

I was delighted to learn today that I was short-listed, 1 of 3 finalists, for the 2004 Emerging Artist Award from the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council. Alas, I didn’t win, but I suppose there’s always next year! The awards gala is being held on April 24th at the Reid

Bits of news

Welcome to Island View Gallery, which has its own new website and is now carrying my work. A sad goodbye to Sheila Barrett, who has recently retired and closed Sheila’s Artisan Centre at St. John’s International Airport. The display will remain and will be managed by the Art and

New addition “Bird of Prey” to portfolio of originals

I’ve added a digital photo of a painting entitled “Bird of Prey.” It’s not a new painting, but a larger work of mine that I’ve been asked several times to display on the website. Because it is a photo shot through the glass, there is some artifact due to the glass

Medical Journal has “Peggy’s Cove” painting on its cover

The Autumn 2003 issue of the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine features the “Peggy’s Cove” painting on the cover of the print edition. A smaller image of the painting is shown together with the table of contents of that issue at the CJRM website.

New painting entitled “Docked at Cupids”

Finished a new painting this evening, just in time for Father’s Day. It is entitled Docked at Cupids and features a couple of longliners at rest in a sheltered cove.

Queen’s Alumni Review

The Spring 2003 issue of the Queen’s Alumni Review makes mention of this web site as well as an award that I’ve received. The on-line version can be reached here .

Full feature article in The Express

The May 21st issue of The Express newspaper has a 2-page full feature article profiling my work. Many thanks to Cheryl LaRocque for writing that delightful article and for editor Steve Bartlett who took the photos and gave the article such a prominent position in the paper! Images of paintings

New original painting – Ferryland

Just completed a new painting of Ferryland, a fishing community on the southern shore of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. I’ve uploaded a scan; some of the painting is not seen because the painting is larger than my scanner.

Feature article in The Medical Post

The national medical newspaper The Medical Post has a feature article on my work in the March 25th issue. The pictures are only available in the text (hard copy) edition, but the article itself can be read online at the Medical Post national website by clicking on the following link.
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